24" Archive Drawer, Legal


    • The heavy-duty Archive Drawer is built 24" deep to maximize on storage in any room. Stackable and water-resistant, the Archive Drawer is a great alternative to cardboard boxes to keep your contents dry and easily accessible. The sleek black and grey colors match everywhere from the office to the garage. The built-in label holder and reinforced handle make finding and grabbing the right item quick and easy. Included with each drawer are connectors to stack them up to 10 units high. The drawers are made from a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled materials for a more sustainable product.
      1. Stackable up to 10 units high.
      2. Holds legal sized hanging file folders.
      3. Moisture resistant, will not crack, scratch, rust or dent.
      4. Drawers have built-in wheels for easy opening and closing.
      5. Built-in label holder.
      6. 50% Post-consumer contender.
      7. PVC & BPA free.
    • Length 24.375"
      Width 18.25"
      Height 11.5"
      Weight 10.36 lbs.
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