Storex Large Book Bin, Green, 6-Pack


    • Keep your books organized and within easy reach. Link our book bins together to make a sturdy book storage or use the easy to grip handles to carry a set of books to your reading corner. The handles are perfectly sized for big and small hands. The interior depth is 12” so it will fit taller books and letter sized file folder too. Bright colors are ideal for STEM or STEAM organization. Label pouches not included.

      1. The large bins are designed for deeper 15” shelves and desktops.
      2. fit scrapbook paper, letter sized files and folder, and large magazines
      3. Link several bins together for maximum stability
      4. Made of sturdy and drop resistant plastic
      5. Front and rear handles for easy gripping, even with little hands
      6. Inside depth is 14"
      7. Label pockets not included
      8. Green only
      9. Bright Colors are perfect for STEAM or STEM color coding
    • Length 14.25 Inches
      Width 5.25 Inches
      Height 7 Inches
      Weight 0.5 Pounds