Modern Gloss Letter Tray (4 units/pack)


    • Impress with our Modern Gloss Desk Accessories Collection. These desk organizers are made of a new age plastic polymer which give it a high gloss look and a stiff and heavy feel. The letter tray has two feet on the bottom which swing out to allow quick and sturdy stacking. They hold standard letter sized papers and files.

      1. Completely stackable using swing out feet.
      2. holds letter sized papers and folders
      3. Ultra High Gloss
      4. Stiffer and heavier than most plastic desk accessories
      5. contemporary design
    • Length 10"
      Width 12.2"
      Height 2.8"
      Weight 0.584 lbs
    • 00145E04C Storex Modern Gloss Letter Tray, Black, 4-Pack Click here to Download High Resolution pictures and videos