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At ERA, we specialize in winter equipment like plastic sleds, snow shovels, and traction mats that make winter activities enjoyable and hassle-free. Our sturdy and lightweight plastic sleds are perfect for kids and adults, while our durable and efficient snow shovels and traction mats make snow clearing a breeze.

At Storex, we offer a variety of storage solutions to help keep classrooms, offices, and homes organized. Our products range from classroom organization tools to arts and crafts storage, office filing totes, cabinets, and wastebaskets. With Storex, we make it easy to stay organized and tidy.

At Streamridge, we take pride in offering handmade wooden sleds that are crafted with care by the Mennonite community of Ontario. Our sleds are more than just toys; they are premium, heirloom-quality products that are built to last for generations.

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Pencil Boxes

This sturdy and practical pencil box is designed with convenience in mind. Its single-piece clamshell design features a secure clasp, ensuring that your child’s stationery stays organized and protected. With ample space, it comfortably holds pencils, markers, and small scissors. Whether it’s placed in a kid’s desk, backpack, or locker, this transparent box allows easy visibility of its contents.

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