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At ERA, we specialize in winter equipment like plastic sleds, snow shovels, and traction mats that make winter activities enjoyable and hassle-free. Our sturdy and lightweight plastic sleds are perfect for kids and adults, while our durable and efficient snow shovels and traction mats make snow clearing a breeze.

At Storex, we offer a variety of storage solutions to help keep classrooms, offices, and homes organized. Our products range from classroom organization tools to arts and crafts storage, office filing totes, cabinets, and wastebaskets. With Storex, we make it easy to stay organized and tidy.

At Streamridge, we take pride in offering handmade wooden sleds that are crafted with care by the Mennonite community of Ontario. Our sleds are more than just toys; they are premium, heirloom-quality products that are built to last for generations.

Featured for Winter 2023-2024

EZ-Traxion Traction Aids

This set includes two polypropylene tire traction mats in a vibrant orange color that ensures high visibility, making them easy to spot in emergency situations. These mats are designed with jagged teeth on the bottom, providing exceptional grip on slippery surfaces, making them ideal for regaining traction on icy or wet roads. Their lightweight and compact design make them convenient to store in your vehicle, ensuring you have a reliable solution for getting back on track during challenging driving conditions.


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