ERA Group Ltd and Storex Industries Corp Announce Merger

Saint-Laurent, QC - ERA Group Ltd and Storex Industries Corp are pleased to announce the successful merger of their companies, officially completed on September 1, 2022. This strategic union brings together two industry leaders in high-volume manufacturing and plastic product innovation, aiming to further enhance their market presence and provide exceptional value to customers.

About ERA Group Ltd: ERA Group Ltd is a well-established North American high-volume manufacturer, known for its commitment to supplying innovative and environmentally friendly plastic products. With a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, ERA specializes in its own designs and molds made from recycled plastic sourced from post-consumer materials. The company is dedicated to manufacturing locally and contributing to the North American economy.

About Storex Industries Corp: Storex Industries Corp was founded in 1998 and quickly made a name for itself in the market as a manufacturer of plastic office storage supplies. Over the years, Storex expanded its product range to include active seating, craft storage, and a line of storage/filing solutions. The company remains known for its extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Benefits of the Merger: The merger of ERA Group Ltd and Storex Industries Corp brings about several key benefits:

  • Increased Production Selection: The combined resources and expertise of both companies will result in an expanded and diversified product selection for customers.

  • Complimentary Seasonality of Production Lines: The merger leverages the seasonal nature of production lines to optimize efficiency and meet market demand more effectively.

  • Consolidated Administration, Production, and Shipping: Administrative functions, production facilities, and shipping operations will be streamlined for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Continuity for Employees and Customers: ERA Group Ltd and Storex Industries Corp are committed to maintaining the same high standards of products and services that their customers have come to rely on. There will be no immediate changes in product quality or customer service.

This merger represents a strategic move to leverage each company's strengths and enhance their market position. ERA Group Ltd and Storex Industries Corp look forward to a future of continued growth and innovation.