12x12" Essential craft organizer, Blue (5 units/pack)


    • Everything it’s in right place with this versatile storage box. Ideal for storing scrapbooking papers, art & craft materials, toilet accessories and other essentials. It feature one big compartment, secure latch, durable plastic, safe stacking and storage .It’s coming in beautiful translucent colors for easy identifications of the content. This is the perfect project box to hold all your craft supplies for any hobby. It fits standard sized scrapbooking papers.
      1. Craft box holds 12x12 scrapbook paper.
      2. Storage box for: art & craft materials, cleaning supplies, toilet accessories or hardware tools.
      3. Durable Plastic will not crack scratch rust or dent. Safe stacking and storage.
      4. Snaps shut using latch.
      5. Stackable and transparent so you can easily see the contents.
      6. Can ship nest with separate lids.
    • Length 14"
      Width 14"
      Height 3"
      Weight 1.1 lbs.

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