4 Gallon Storage Bin with Lid, White


  • These storage bins are the ultimate companion for your bookshelf or cubby. The easy to grip handles are perfectly sized for big and small hands. They are made of impact resistant plastic and come in wonderfully bright colors. Use them to organize your room and store all your supplies. Clear snap on lid is included.

    1. Bright Colors are perfect for STEAM or STEM color coding
    2. Organize your supplies
    3. Made of sturdy, drop resistant plastic
    4. Front and rear handles for easy gripping, even with little hands
    5. Includes clear lid
  • Length 13.625 Inches
    Width 11.25 Inches
    Height 7.875 Inches
    Weight 1.5 Pounds
  • 61409U06C 4 Gallon Storage Bin with Lid, White Click here to Download High Resolution pictures and videos
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