Premium Crate with Handles, Blue


  • The new Storex storage crate features rugged dependability with a more up-to-date style. The traditional milk crate has received upgrades which include a solid bottom, easy grip handles, and improved drop test performance. It holds letter or legal hanging files and folders and can be safely stacked up to six crates high. Stack them on their side to creates a custom shelf unit or toss them in your car for mobile storage. These crates interlock in every direction.

    1. Built rugged to withstand tosses, tumbles and heavy loads
    2. Built in handles allow you to carry up to 50 lbs. comfortably
    3. Solid bottom keeps smaller components contained
    4. Holds letter or legal sized hanging files and folders
    5. Fits up to 3500 Sheets of letter paper or 3000 legal papers
  • Length 17.25 Inches
    Width 14.25 Inches
    Height 10.5 Inches
    Weight 1.875 Pounds
  • 61455U03C Premium Crate with Handles, Blue Click here to Download High Resolution pictures and videos