Mobile File Cabinet, Black/Teal


  • This all-plastic cabinet is an affordable alternative to bulky metal designs. Neatly organize and store your papers, documents and folders away for later use. Compact and light, this cabinet is easily moved from room to room or up and down stairs. With its low profile, this cabinet fits under desks, in closets, or tucked away in a corner. Combine units and stack up to six drawers high for even more storage potential.

    1. Top can support the weight of a standard home/office printer
    2. Won't scratch, rust or dent
    3. Independently lockable drawers (2 keys per drawers included)
    4. Locking casters
    5. Built in label holder
  • Length 18.25 Inches
    Width 14.75 Inches
    Height 25.5 Inches
    Weight 19.125 Pounds
  • 61315U01C Mobile File Cabinet, Black/Teal Click here to Download High Resolution pictures and videos
Case Pack