Double XL Wide Book Bin, Multicolor (6 units/pack)


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  • : We've made it easy to color-code and organize your classroom, offices, library and book storage area in home. With these popular sturdy bins, six (6) durable pieces, in bright colors set; let you quickly organize supplies, assignments, folders, and more. The outer edge is made to interlink these bins together for sturdy book storage. The bin will fit taller books and letter sized file folder too and you will find easy the content you looking for. Keep your files, magazines, brochures, books well organized within easy reach with this Double XL Wide Book Bin.
    1. Colorful, Sturdy Bins for Books, Folders and Supplies.
    2. Available in bright colors let you quickly organize supplies, book, assignments, folders, and more.
    3. Made from durable plastic will not crack scratch rust or dent.
    4. Can be used sideways on shelves as narrow as 9”
    5. Side interlock for added stability
    6. Integrated founded handle for easy gripping and transport
    7. Available as lot of 6 items for your better savings
  • Length 14.5"
    Width 9.2"
    Height 7"
    Weight 0.82 lbs.

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